Psst... Free skeletons. A collection of audio clips recorded in the voice of Valkrana. Her Baldur's Gate 2 mod contains well over 100 recordings. The core voice pack can be previewed on Youtube here.

Rise & Shine

BG2: Quest Dialogue

BG2: Selected

BG2: Initiate Combat

BG2: Death Cry

Take Responsibility

14 Skeleton Gifs

Swiss Rolls


No Cringe Zone

Waste Not

Perverted Demon

Passing Grade

Ivory Throne

Dark Arts Degree

Biggest Fan

Ugh, fine.

Candy Corn > Aero

Rather Be Fishing

Old Soul

Skellyton Emporium


Divine or Human?

Kid Cuisine 2077

Free Skeletons

Do it for them

Phrase reference card for use when playing Valkrana.