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Thank you for your purchase of the official So You Think You Can Draw Valkrana VHS! This VHS will aid in your journey from zero to Valkrana by providing brief references and details regarding her most notable features.



Partly skeletal. The following image should give a crude idea of which parts of her are skeletal (in red). Where skeleton meets "meat" (see: Skin below) there is no gore, only skeleton protruding from a smooth surface.

Extra Arm

An extra (skeletal) arm has been grafted to her upper back at roughly the middle of her right scapula. This arm is sometimes taken from an adult, and as such, can be either the same size or a little larger and longer than her other arms.


Three gnarly, open claw wounds rend her head, each secured with but a few staples.


Constantly drools a thin line of lightly-colored greenish-brown digestive fluid down her chin.


Begone, suburban fences! Not simply VVVVV teeth, Valkrana's teeth are more like shark teeth with slight space between individual teeth. Also note that her mouth is wider than normal, and her lips are pale purple.


Oily black. Messy. Unkempt. Bedhead. Cowlicks. Stray hairs. She usually keeps it in a low braid, but can't keep it neat due to her wounds. When worn down, it reaches the middle of her back.


Iris color is a pale lavender, #CB94F2. The sclera (white) of her eye is black. Eye shape: Her upper eyelid is usually a flat line.


Pointed and elongated, like those of an elf. Length is variable.


Pale white. Marrow- and cartilage-stuff mimic meat but have a cold, too-smooth texture. She has no blood, so no flushing or bruising.


Short, thin, and underdeveloped. Valkrana died, and was subsequently reanimated, at the age of 10, as a mortally ill, malnourished urchin. Image below compares the average female height (5'4") with Valkrana's height (4'2").


Valkrana's default, most common expression is deadpan. She will show childish fascination with rare magic or skeletons. She has a temper, and doesn't hide it when it flares. When interacting with or discussing her darling, she tends to be either lovey-dovey or yandere.


Valkrana is an extremely awkward child, and it shows in her carriage and mannerisms. She isn't typically a high-energy person. Has a habit of tucking her arms to her chest when talking to her darling.

Clothing & Accessories

Full-Body Clothing Reference

These are good clothing references. Nonetheless, I've added concise details and notes below the image. A change or two should be made, such as removing the third sleeve.

Layer 1


Dress Shirt: collared bone-white (#ece6d8) button-up shirt.

• Poison purple (#7f01fe) ribbon at the collar.

Trousers: bone-white (#ece6d8) and slim but not tight.

Boots: Dark brown as pictured above.

Layer 2


Robe-Jacket: Combines a traditional wizard robe with a militech jacket. Dark brown primary color with bone-white (#ece6d8) secondary color.

• Stops just above the knees. Loose enough at the bottom to run in, but not flared.

• Militech material, style, and pockets.

• Sleeves should have open, wide cuffs that end at her wrist.

• Usually worn with the top quarter unbuttoned or unzipped.

• Third Arm:

◦ Emerges from a vent in the jacket's upper back.

◦ No sleeve. Remove sleeve!

• Pockets: All slanted pockets should be facing her right side (for access by her extra arm). Some examples of contents below.

◦ Vials containing rolled up slips of paper.

◦ A caesar cipher.

◦ Bones. Some with a foil finish, like a foil trading card.

Hat: Wide brim, dark brown witch's hat. Accessorized with tiny rare bones that dangle from the rim, a cookie charm on the tip, and arcane notes tucked into a belt.

Eye Patch: Brown leather eye patch over her left eye. Goofy skull design on the patch.

Right Hip:

• A pair of scroll cases.

• A Bag of Holding with skeleton design, which hangs from a shoulder strap.

Doll charm attached to bag. The doll was fashioned to resemble Ilyana Miraquinal.

Fingers: 5 magic rings. Designs and locations are variable.

Layer 3


Cloak: Collared cloak with charcoal grey outer color and poison purple (#7f01fe) inner lining. Inner lining is a non-uniform gradient.

• Clasps over her left shoulder, low enough on her that you can see her ribbon, shirt, and collar.

• Clasp is bronze with an embossed image of a broom.

Alternative Outfit (Shut-In)

Valkrana wears this orange t-shirt when lounging around her home. Hair is often left to hang free rather than in a braid. Also includes slippers.

Finished Works

Please bear in mind that this gallery features pieces that, while useful references in their own right, often deviate here and there from the correct Valkrana design as detailed above. However, Nuyums' illustrations in particular are especially accurate to her design and personality. Proceed to gallery.